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Scottish Unionists
Uniting Scotland within the United Kingdom
Increasing living standards
Without damaging the world we live in
A vision of a balanced economy
Which provides distribution of wealth to all levels of society
The right to a full education
Access to healthcare, freedom of speech and equality for all in a fair and just country
Allowing you the fairest and fullest opportunity
To be the best you can be in pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness
The Future of Life
We stand for effective Action on Climate Change, and the opportunity to work for a Cleaner, Greener, Abundant Planet


" Freedom, Families, and Future of the United Kingdom "

The Scottish Unionists Party - Our Vision

Our Vision

  • Move Scotland on from referendum politics to a stable and certain future.
  • Transform Scotland into a leading economic force within the United Kingdom.
  • Sound, lean, open government.
  • Protecting families’ finances and wellbeing.
  • Protecting our environment and local communities.

A National Audit

  • To open all the books of those funded by the Scottish Government.
  • A “Logan Act” to prevent devolved governments negotiating with foreign powers.
  • A “Hatch Act” to take politics out of publicly funded organisations.
  • Remove Section 30 of the Scotland Act to take independence out of Holyrood.
The Scottish Unionist Party - A National Audit
The Scottish Unionists Party - Fixed funding for the NHS

Fixed funding for the NHS

  • Fixed funding for the NHS with 10% of GDP to be spent on the healthcare UK wide and 10% of NHS spend on general practice.
  • Direct access to general practice, physiotherapy, and other disciplines.
  • GP based walk-in centres.
  • Restore enrolled nursing.


An overhaul and appraisal to take account of COVID-19 and other potential pandemics:

  • NHS capacity and competency to deal with the current pandemic.
  • On-line teaching to be provided in all educational establishments.
  • Restrict the use of emergency powers to the British government, through the Scotland Office.  Devolution is for civil government, not for national emergencies
The Scottish Unionists Party - COVID-19 RECOVERY
The Scottish Unionists Party - Housing and Community Improvement

Housing & Community Improvement

  • Local government having sole responsibility for planning.
  • Direct devolution of housing benefit and council tax to local authorities.
  • Winter fuel allowance paid through local authorities based on local climate.
  • Abolish stamp duty.

Protection of the Environment

  • Carbon free electricity through nuclear, tidal and offshore wind.
  • Tax breaks for recycling wastes.
  • Habitat protection written into trade deals.
  • Foreign aid to fund eco-friendly technology and knowledge transfer.
  • Deposit schemes for glass and plastic.
  • Incinerator tax.
  • Councils to contract purchase utilities.
The Scottish Unionists Party - Protection of the Environment
The Scottish Unionists Party - Education Review

Education review:

  • Depoliticise education and remove woke from teaching.
  • Teach Western civilisation and its values.
  • Return Scotland to international rankings.
  • End the postcode lottery of catchment areas.
  • No religious discrimination in education and no sectarian schools.

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